The Quality

As the hart for the human body, as the sun for the universe, an uncompromised quality is the core of all the pleasant creations signed by MASSIMO RAITERI.


Each components used in the creations signed by the Raiteri’s family, they are all carefully selected by trained eyes, with experience, years of work, and an academic training at the best gemological institute in the World, the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) where rigor and flexibility principles are irreplaceable.


The handicraft procedure symbol of the Made in Italy, they are now supported in the family’s laboratory by the most modern technologies available. These elements of tradition and technology, combined with a strict quality control by meticulous master craftsmen watching over each step of production, all made in Italy, they offer an extremely high level of quality.

The Craftsmanship

Realizing a jewel is a matter of art, one of the most difficult and meticulous at a time.


Each MASSIMO RAITERI jewel is still now the result of a manually operated, along with the procedures transmitted from the father to the son and wholly performed in the best Italian handicraft laboratories.


Each hand which models and creates each exclusive MASSIMO RAITERIs’ jewel is rigorously selected. Only the best masters of art, endowed with a rich experience and a strong passion for what they do, which their teachers inoculated in their spirits, can realize a jewel synonymous with quality and exclusiveness, as the MASSIMO RAITERI embodies.

The Design

Harmonious lines, reinterpreted geometric shapes, explosions of colors of radiating pleasure and velvety feeling to the wearer, but at the same time elegance and wearability, they are the result of MASSIMO RAITERI’s design.


Each collection is inspired by the emotions, poems, and joys of everyday life, manipulated in the form of jewelry.


Each design, each idea is carefully screened and before going into production, they are all modeled in wax and personally worn by a staff component in order to check the proportions, the lines, the wearability and any points incongruent to the basics principles of the family.