Investment Diamonds

No other gem can capture and symbolize the emotions and the important moments of life better than a diamond. Purchasing a diamond means investing in a fragment of eternity.

The exclusive Investment Diamond Box signed MASSIMO RAITERI is an elegant and pleasant casket containing investment diamonds available in different features. All of them are strictly sealed and certified GIA, the highest International Gemological Certification.

The Diamond Investment Box offers the pleasure and the security of a present no time that it is not only a love symbol anymore, but it is also one of the deepest and most fruitful investment all over a life.

The Certifications

Appreciated since very old times, diamonds have always fascinated mankind, but only accuracy and meticulosity can give life to excellence, which will continue charming everybody in the future course of time, as the MASSIMO RAITERI stones.

Wanting to give maximum security and reliability on the perceived quality of the product, thanks to the collaboration with sales offices in major diamond bourse around the World, MASSIMO RAITERI offers the possibility of accompanying each of his creation with certifications transmitted by the most important International Gemological Laboratories

THE 4Cs + 1

The GIA, considered by the professional operators of the sector and by the best jewelry stores all over the world as the first gemological institute on the base of their credentials, it has developed a classification and a rigid international evaluation system concerning diamonds, given by the combination of four characteristics, best known as the 4Cs (carat weight – color – clarity – cut)

GIA’s criteria have been later adopted by the others Gemological Laboratories all around the World and they have always been using in the MASSIMO RAITERI selection gems process which in turn he has added a 5thCs, the most important of all: the CONFIDENCE.