The History

The Raiteri family came in to the jewelry’s world of in the early 50s when still young, Mario opened a goldsmith’s workshop dedicated to the production for international brands and industry professionals.


Moved by an uncontrollable passion for elegance, refinement and high quality, Massimo decides to distance from the production on behalf of a third party to give life to his ideas and creations.


Today RAITERI family, now in its third generation has become a brand linked to the professionalism


Today belongs to the third generation, the RAITERI family is a name linked to professionalism and high jewellery where can still be found in each of his creations the continuous desire to convey that feeling of exclusivity and pleasant sensation of the early days.

The Philosophy

MASSIMO RAITERI’s company, aiming at realizing and offering not only an exclusive jewel based on very high handicraft levels, moreover completely Italian in the taste, but also tending to create pleasant sensations for anyone that should wear it, brings about four values which have been handed down by its founder:


- quality,

- reliability,

- seriousness

- exclusivity.


Such value can be easily retraced in each one of MASSIMO RAITERI’s creations, and in all the steps of his activity, as in all the performances operated by the professional workers who are parts of his staff.

The Ethics

Respect for the environment all around and for the others, are among the principles which have always been at the base of the MASSIMO RAITERI trade mark since the very beginning.


Today, the MASSIMO RAITERI brand offers a product completely realized fully respecting the customers, by using palladium alloys free from any nickel contents, which might provoke allergies.


Along with the guidelines, fighting against blood diamonds is a primary goal. All the stones utilized for the MASSIMO RAITERI creations are duly bound exclusively to come from areas free from any conflicts and do not concern exchange goods from illegal traffic or offend the dignity of the workers busy in the extracting areas.

Corporate Data

Massimo Raiteri S.r.l.

Via delle Vigne, n. 2
15046 – San Salvatore Monferrato (Italy)

VAT Number: 02047280066
Social Capital: Euro 50.000,00
Business Register:  AL 02047280066
Cod. Ateco 46.48
REA: AL-221919