20 , Dec , 2013

A pounding heart overflowing of happiness and promises, a smile like never before and the desire of eternal love and pleasant sensation are just few of the main feeling that your customers have during their purchase.

We have collected several statements during our experience through our customers. Among all, these three statements showed below are just the most representative one, and we are honored to share them with you today.

<< It has been amazing. I was there. In front of me, just rings with different design and price, and next to me, the man of my life, the father of my children. It was love at first sight. It was not only the perfect ring with the perfect features that we wanted. It was a MASSIMO RAITERI ring. It was the symbol of our love, of our past, present and future. Those ring will be forever beside me, just as my partner and just like the indescribable feeling that I felt at that moment.>> Anna P.

<< I’m 47 years old. I’ve always been a business woman, determined and sure of myself in everything I do. Now I own several rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. In the beginning when I bought by myself my first piece of jewelry, a tennis bracelet, I was confused, did not know what attributes to a jewel its perfection. Now I can say that two things have in common all my purchases: my beating heart whenever I purchase a jewelry product and the perfection that I deserve purchasing a MASSIMO RAITERI product. >> Patricia M.

<<Buying a diamond, a jewel, it is different from everything else. When I walked into my first jewelry boutique I was just over 20. They made me feel like a princess. They explained all the features on the beauty of a stone, and the difference between all the manufactories. Now there are only three things still present after many years. The feeling to be a princess every time I come into my trusted boutique, the love that I still feel towards my life partner who accompanied me those day and the pleasant feeling that I feel every time I wear a MASSIMO RAITERI product.>>  Barbara T.

to be continued…

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